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horror fiction publishers It is an imprint of Prometheus Books, an independent publisher of Un-themed, general horror flash fiction. I’m a fan of horror novels, and I’ve read my share of classic & modern horror, so I decided to do a little research (150% totally statistically valid research*) on who readers consider to be the best horror authors. List of Horror Publishers. Preference to dread-inducing stories. She is querying a YA fantasy novel to agents, and will have two short stories in the upcoming anthology What Darkness Fears (October 2021). Martin, Bentley Little, Joe Lansdale, Edward Lee, and many more…. Stay out of the fruit cellar. We give full consideration to any submission that offers a well-presented story while adhering to our guidelines. Submitting There's a slew of terrific new Armchair Fiction titles for you to cuddle up with: 10 New Science Fiction Doubles; 3 New Science Fiction Singles, and 2 new Science Fiction and Horror Gems collections featuring fully illustrated stories by many of the great masters of horror and sci-fi: Henry Slesar, Edmond Hamilton, Robert Bloch, Henry Kuttner May 16, 2018 · As readers, we want the best. The subgenres include everything from the mildly unsettling (like Twilight Zone), to splatterpunk (which is exactly what you think it is). Indie Publishers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror (Part One) — Seventeen of the most diverse voices in horror and speculative fiction provide disturbing visions from the place where life meets death in this shocking anthology of horror. Author Compensation (**starting in 2022): 2c/word, paid via PayPal. thisishorror. Titles. We also dabble in crime and other fiction when we find great stories that need a good home. Historically, the cause of the "horror" experience has often been the intrusion of a supernatural element into everyday human experience. Ghost Orchid press is a brand new independent publisher specialising in horror, gothic, and supernatural fiction by fresh, new authors. In general, we contract world print rights and ebook rights in English, with options for subsidiary rights with authors sharing in all income. Nov 19, 2021 · James Ward Kirk Fiction is an independent publishing company specializing in horror, suspense, crime and speculative fiction. We respectfully request that submissions be made by individuals aged eighteen years or greater. HORROR/DARK FANTASY. IMPRESSIVE DARK FICTION "Grey Matter Press has managed to establish itself as one of the premiere purveyors of horror fiction currently in existence. Please leave this field empty. We are seeking full-length novels ranging from 75,000 to 150,000 words. Firm. When submitting, you may paste the entire story in the body of the email or attach a Microsoft Word file. Author Madison Estes will be editing the latest incarnation of the series, and she’s looking for original horror stories 1,500-10,000 words in length. By: Rachael Cupp. 47North is the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Amazon Publishing. Send in your flash fiction and stories of up to 25,000 words, and if your work is accepted, they’ll pay 7-12 cents (US) per word. Current Issue. Founded by Richard Chizmar in 1988, Cemetery Dance Publications is widely-considered the world's leading specialty press publisher of horror and dark suspense. From poetry, novels, and memoirs to journalism, crime writing, and science fiction, the more than 300 volumes published by Library of America are widely recognized as America’s literary canon. Horror Studies; Horror Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the rigorous study of horror in all its manifold cultural and historical forms. He uses the presses independent status to take chances and release stories from those daring to try something a little different. Read our evaluation of Sword In The Storm, book considered one of The Rigante novels. Ryan Henry. May 10, 2019 · Fantasy & Science Fiction has been around since 1949 and features work from emerging writers as well as heavy hitters like Stephen King. M uch like other genres of speculative fiction, horror enjoys a loyal, and possibly fixated, fan base. They are an antique order, the cowgirls, full of arcane secrets, so a covert sign language is only logical. They also want non-fiction articles, covering urban legends, documented ghost stories, myths, and odd, terrifying, or befuddling PS Publishing is a UK based publisher who specialise in science fiction, fantasy and horror. 4K ⋅ 7. off, especially for you. New Faces in Horror, Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy, and Non-Fiction. Ink Stains Anthology is looking for fiction between 3,000 and 20,000 words that fit under genres like dark fiction, gothic fiction, supernatural fiction, horror, steampunk, black comedy, and PSYCHEDELIC HORROR PRESS – Psychedelic Horror Press is exclusively devoted to publishing a new genre entitled psychedelic horror; however, we are also open to publishing art-house horror, bizarro, and transgressive experimental fiction. Oct 26, 2016 · Rainfall Books is a British publisher of fantasy, horror and science fiction, specializing in modern works inspired by the writing of H. "We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. Enjoy! Mar 23, 2020 · Independent Publishers - SFF (&H) We love Independent Publishers and if you are looking amazing fiction you should too. Poetry. Shop in our online store for collectible limited edition titles from the best genre specialty publishers. Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1. Paperbacks from Hell - Valancourt Books. Subterranean works with a wide range of authors, from cult favorites to some of the bestselling and most acclaimed authors in the world. Being a small publisher is hard at the best of times, but the cancellation of public events and conventions is likely to make it harder Written a horror book and looking for a publishing house? We are leading independent horror book Publisher, We are currently open for new submissions. FictionFactor. #1 Most Popular Book in Spooky Fiction (Per Goodreads/October 2019) Congratulations to The Haunting of Cabin Green: A Modern Gothic Horror Novel! PopSugar’s 13 Most Chilling Horror Books of 2018; Inquisitr’s Best Horror Books of 2018; Bored Panda’s 7 Horror Books That Scared Me Half to Death; Ranker’s 2018’s Scariest Horror Books Aug 30, 2018 · The last decade or so found the author hitting his stride with immersive historical horror fiction, the best of which is the story of the HMS Terror’s failed search for the Northwest Passage. For artwork, please put a link to the gallery/pieces in the body of the email along with Welcome to IFWG Publishing Australia, the publishing imprint that specialises in speculative and middle grade fiction for Australia, UK and New Zealand readers. Established in 2015, the Sinister Horror Company is an independent press run by Justin Park. Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. The appropriately-named Strange Horizons - Horror Stories We've Seen Too Often. The 53rd issue of The Sirens Call eZine features over 120 pieces of horror and dark fiction in the form of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. Please include a word count and a brief synopsis of the work. Horror isn’t all blood and gore. (Rounded to nearest whole dollar) Publication: Dread Stone Press website (Dose of Dread). Interzone: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Crossed Genres. That includes; crime fiction, women’s fiction, suspense, mystery, romantic comedies, historical fiction, cosy crime, domestic noir, psychological thrillers, romance and chillers. Hex Publishers is an independent publishing house proudly specializing in genre fiction: horror, science fiction, crime, dark fantasy, comics, and any other form that explores the imagination. Click here for more info or buy it on audio at Amazon or Audible. Particularly if you are stuck at home, many independent publishers will post books to you. Endore’s novel has withstood the test of time since it was first published in 1933. We accept manuscripts for fiction, non-fiction, short stories, novellas and children’s stories with illustrations. Cemetery Dance Awards & Honors. uk. We sell (and buy) hardback first editions, limited editions, manuscripts, archives and proof copies. We strive to bring you only the very best in the realm of the fantastic and are committed to this goal. More information can be found on their website. Our client base is wider than the speculative fiction genre, so Nov 30, 2018 · The One Misunderstood Aspect of Horror Fiction Throughout my articles you will find that I praise authors for the job and artistry they perform. creepy stories, short horror stories, ghost stories, science fiction, fantasy fiction, Sci Fi, Flame C emetery D ance P ublications The World's Leading Specialty Press Publisher of Horror and Dark Suspense, since 1988 We publish the genre’s most acclaimed authors. Lamplight. Matthew Heilman. Payments and royalty reports are issued biannually. Our Featured Poet, Author, and Artist for this issue is Lori R. We are generally interested in SF, fantasy, horror and crime fiction, for our FLAME TREE PRESS list. PDF format). Here are the video editions of recent podcasts. Necro Files: Two Decades of Extreme Horror. As Vern fights for survival and wrestles with conflicting identities, Solomon’s signature lyricism and no-holds-barred approach to confronting America’s horrific Jun 18, 2020 · I am always on the lookout for horror fiction by black writers. She writes poetry and loves The Office, both of which influence her writing quite a bit. Macabro Xtreme Publishing has been founded in frustration at the lack of quality hardcore/extreme horror in the mainstream press. THREE stories will be chosen per month to be published the month after they were submitted. Top Hat books publish fiction that captures the contrasts, the achievements, the optimism and the radicalism of ordinary and extraordinary times across the world. Nightfall Books - Shop for Supernatural, Horror, and Fantasy Fiction. Campfire Stories. We are particularly keen to publish books in a series, so if you envision your submission to the first book in a series, please include that information in your cover letter. Deadite Press is an imprint of Eraserhead Press. by Rosanne Rabinowitz. Nov 19, 2021 · Every Friday she hosts a flash fiction challenge on Instagram to build up other writers. 6. Here is a selection of our choice titles and readers picks New science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories are posted twice a month, with short fiction updated weekly. Sci-Fi & Scary. This is not a comprehensive list. We state this because some well-meaning people set aside the genre because they believe fiction should focus on the positive. Out-of-this-world science fiction and fantasy stories. 10 %. We’re interested in exploring the wicked, strange places that walk the line between reality and nightmare—the alien, the absurd, and above all else, the weird. 500 copies • Completed manuscript • Looking for crime and horror fiction. We deliver quality fiction, poetry and art at an affordable price. It’s not my typical sort of book, with most of my fiction-reading consisting of horror, or at least horrific, fiction, but I do Horror, Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Showing 1–12 of 79 results Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low . Resist Fascism, our micro-anthology of tales of resistance, is now available to purchase! At the moment we are not looking to publish any Short Stories/Novellas, Children’s Fiction, YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Erotic Fiction or Poetry. All work remains the property of Fiction Factor, unless expressly granted by written permission from the author. 1K ⋅ 5 posts / week ⋅ Dec 2011 View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. Publisher. Mar 04, 2021 · Boneyard Soup Magazine is a new horror magazine that pays $0. Dinged Books Sale. 1. May 18, 2018 · Pixabay. Nov 02, 2021 · Life on the 64 Bus Brad C. We champion the creative storytelling of authors who inspire us through intelligent prose and imaginative worlds. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. Each page will contain a story. We are a trade-publishing house (that is, we publish books for general readers which are made available through all channels in the book trade). Severed Press is open for submissions, and we want to hear from talented writers of horror and science fiction looking to have their work published. We are looking for novels in the range of 70,000 to 120,000 words. From the pages of Grady Hendrix's best-selling Paperbacks from Hell (Quirk Books, 2017), Valancourt Books is pleased to announce a new limited series of long-unavailable paperback horror gems from the '70s and '80s, chosen by Grady Hendrix and Will Errickson (Too Much Horror Fiction). Chaosium is a professional fiction market, offering advances, royalties, and, for short fiction, a word rate in line with HWA and SFWA guidelines. The 50th issue of The Sirens Call eZine comes in at a whopping 256 pages and features 143 pieces of horror and dark fiction; 16 images by our featured illustrators and photographers: Jeanette Andromeda, Mai Kil, Lisa Vasquez, and Danielle Wirsansky; and two spotlight authors — Nicholas Paschall, with an excerpt from his novel The Essential Historical Fiction 2021 Reading List. “A must-read for those who like their fiction contemporary and uncensored. Most are around 1000 words. net. At Ravenswood, we offer a unique opportunity for the best authors to truly shine, regardless of where you are or who you know. We specialise in the fiction we love and know best. It is run by a team of multi-national reviewers based in the USA, UK and Canada. YOUNG ADULT/NEW ADULT. Welcome to Nightfall Books! Our focus is on speculative fiction, with an emphasis on supernatural and weird tales. Genius Book Publishing is an independent publisher focused on true crime and dark and light fiction, in particular, science-fiction, mystery, thriller, horror, some light fantasy, general fiction. We are here to offer the latest in hardcore horror fiction. We provide a broad range of rare first editions in the fields of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror / Weird. 21) Best Independent Horror Publishers for Libraries (updated June 2021) Horror Awards [updated 3. Check here for new Scifi & Horror flash fiction. Reading Periods: January, April, July, and October; 1st to 15th. The [se] criminal offenses, which include body-snatching, train robbery, kidnapping, and fraud, involve the use of picks and shovels, dynamite, “burking,” pistols, ropes, knives, water, machine guns, and, yes, even cameras. We cannot and do not try to compete with large publishing houses, but we want to provide a service that differs from many independent publishers. by Julie Travis. This imprint from Dell Publishing was spearheaded by Bantam Doubleday editor Jeanne Cavelos in an attempt to give the paperback horror genre a boost of originality and conviction - and, of course, a boost in sales - as it had long been plagued by tired cliches and half-hearted imitations of better books and writers. Deadite Press brings you the very best in cult horror fiction. Crimewave: Crime Fiction. Welcome to Hyraxia Books, Leading Sellers of Rare Speculative Fiction. Browse our books Subscribe James Ward Kirk Fiction is an independent publishing company specializing in horror, suspense, crime and speculative fiction. Keep holy water and a wooden stake handy. Products:Short stories for download (in . Some of the titles listed lean more towards science fiction than horror, but they do have horrific elements. From international bestsellers to debut fiction and award-winning novels, 47North offers books across a wide array of speculative genres. The Sinister Horror Company has a simple mission: to write, publish and launch innovative and exciting genre fiction. They want horror/ dark fantasy stories of all sub-genres, including horror comedy. Features include book reviews, a message board, and links to resources for writers. We are especially fond of visual/textual spiral narratives. Gothic. Over the years, we have received press coverage in The New York Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal The Sirens Call. Follow on Facebook. Edited by Cheryl Mullenax and featuring stories by George R. net fiction is so highly respected that stories appearing on the site have received countless Stoker award nominations and Year's Best Fantasy and Horror mentions, and of course been reprinted in many prestigious anthologies by excellent editors. UK orders only - for anywhere else, please enquire. Horror fiction is real, valid and important. 20] Archive of Becky's Lists, Articles, and Presentations [updated July 2021] Summer Scares Archive [2019-2021] Horror Reviews Index [Updated October 2021] Dec 19, 2018 · A great horror novel sticks in readers minds for many years to come. Click on any image group title to go to your favourite genre/sub-genre of reading: ADULT FICTION - Dark Fantasy / Horror ADULT FICTION - Science Fiction / Thriller ADULT FICTION - Fantasy… Oct 30, 2021 · 10 More Cinematic Chillers & Thrillers Based on Horrific Crimes. November 10, 2021 Books, News. Submissions will be ongoing and open the first week of every month for that month’s contest. The publishing industry can be a difficult place to find your break. Welcome to the home of Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. HellBound Books are the veritable tour de force in the Independent publishing world - publishers of exemplary horror, bizarro and all things dark - the kind of tales from exciting new authors that are guaranteed to keep you wide awake in the small hours, and checking the inky-black, coagulating shadows beneath your bed just one last time Horror fiction is fiction in any medium intended to scare, unsettle, or horrify the audience. 3. Including Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Clive Barker, William Peter Blatty, Gillian Flynn, Scott Smith, Richard Laymon, Frank Darabont, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Bentley Little, Graham Masterton Vault – Vault publishes original, creator-owned science fiction, fantasy, and horror comics. This is a list of of small-press publishers (including micro-presses) that release work in the science fiction and horror genres. A listing of slightly damaged / shop-soiled books offered at very cheap prices. The best books, the best authors, the best-sellers. Prizes: 1st place: $100, 2nd place: $50, 3rd place: $25. Not only that but they have also won six British Fantasy Awards for Best Small Press, a World Fantasy Award and the International Horror FLASH FICTION. Whether we like it or not, things that frighten us help to ignite the part of humanity that we’ve paved over with asphalt and cement. Interviews: Richard Chizmar, Ellen Datlow, Victor LaValle. Free shipping on orders £20 and over. We curate, polish, and publish first class stories from professional Nightmare magazine is an online horror and dark fantasy magazine edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams. We have an open call for submissions for flash fiction. Check out our publications and submission calls. Individual articles remain the sole property of the original author. Launched in 1999 they have since published 260 titles ranging from novels, novellas, collections and non-fiction. Horror. Hodson JournalStone Publishing (August 6, 2021) Reviewed by Andrew Byers I’m glad I read Life on the 64 Bus. You’ve listed some great choices, including Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, Victor Lavalle, Jewelle Gomez, LA Banks, Chesya Burke, Linda Addison, and Justina Ireland). Here is our list of the 161 horror book publishers. P. Blossom Spring Publishing is one of the few publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts (that is, those that are not presented to us by an agent and self-published authors). “A must-have Doorbells at Dusk is a brand-new collection of short stories from both modern masters and rising stars of dark fiction, covering a gamut of horror, literary fiction and suspense that is sure to thrill both horror aficionados and casual readers alike. Our team put together this extensive list horror publishers that currently accept submissions from agented and unagented authors for dark fiction, military horror, horror, urban fantasy, and any book that’ll scare you in the night. ”. Craig Hines. Length: 500 – 1,000 words. We focus mainly on eBook distribution in the dark/splatterpunk horror genre. Also in UK Horror Blogs. At present we are particularly Jun 17, 2019 · Podcastle (fantasy fiction) Entropy (many different styles) The Sun Magazine (nonfiction, fiction, and poetry) The Drum (short stories and poetry) Recommended Reading by Electric Literature; Liquid Imagination (poetry and short stories) Slice Magazine (short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) PseudoPod (narrated on a podcast, horror and dark fiction) Medusa Press is a publisher of quality horror fiction, from contemporary authors to undeservedly obscure writers from the past. Filter for the perfect agent by genre, location, and more! Nov 17, 2021 · Submission Window: December 1st-7th, 2021. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR CURRENT RELEASES (Click the Imprint Logo Below) FANTASY. Lopez. Test your sanity. Edited by Cheryl Mullenax and Randy Chandler. Oct 20, 2020 · Since it’s October and the nights are drawing in, I want to look at suitably eerie, cobweb-strewn homes for you horror fiction: 3 publications keen to pay you for your darkest words. Variational Sestinoid Spiral Seeds 281698895 and 510616808. A wide-open approach to fiction makes James Ward Kirk Fiction a publisher to follow. Caffeine Nights Publishing was formed in April 2007 and is based in Kent, England. Submissions. Guidelines for Fiction. Horror fiction explores human identity by utilizing monstrosity to envision disconcerting, resilient, and metamorphic aspects of human potential within an unknown universe. Instructions: All fiction must be submitted via email to submissions@cosmic-horror. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. Ed Gorman. Lori offers 13 of her illustrations along with an essay on being a Horror Poet, Author, Artist, Musician, and Jun 01, 2021 · Science fiction has pretty much exactly this problem–a historical past of a minimal of a century, arguably two should you’re within the “Frankenstein was the primary science fiction novel” camp. 8 Nov 2021. com is a subsidiary of the Fiction Factor Group. Diabolique is a lavishly illustrated print and digital magazine exploring every aspect of a horror film, literature and art. Knowledge in horror sometimes focuses on practical and apotropaic matters of survival and defense. Theme: cosmic horror, dark science fiction, or weird. Lovecraft, Robert E. Sign up to receive your exclusive discount, and keep up to date on our latest products & offers! We don’t spam! Founded in 1995, Tachyon Publications LLC is a publisher of smart science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as well as occasional mysteries, memoirs, young adult, and literary fiction. Dec 01, 2020 · About Gothic. If your novel is the first of a trilogy or series, be aware that we will not commit to publishing more than one book at a time. Submissions : Rainfall has published 150 chapbooks over the past three or four years and have many more waiting in the wings. Any Rivers Solomon (MCD) Vern, an albino Black woman, escapes her cult leader husband and raises her twins in monster-infested woods in this gut-wrenching, genre-bending horror novel. We feature a fine selection of rare and sought after Fiction Without Frontiers | Award Winning Authors, Original Voices, New Authors in SF & Fantasy, Crime and mystery, Horror and suspense. SF Revu. Word count between 500 to 2,000 max. “The best science fiction magazine on the market. We are dedicated to publishing the goriest, craziest, and strangest stories in existence. Horror Fiction Wiki is a FANDOM Books A small press with an emphasis on horror, extreme horror, transgressive fiction, sleaze, exploitation, and general weirdness with a dark theme. co. Here is what I see as a publisher and enthusiast when an individual submits parts of a horror manuscript to me: A mirror that reflects that person’s past experiences and emotions and the boldness to The Office meets Stephen King, dressed up in holiday tinsel, in this fun, festive, and frightening horror-comedy set during the horror publishing boom of the ’80s, by New York Times best-selling satirist Andrew Shaffer. In addition, each has inspired a cinematic chiller or Though Second Sight has established itself as a successful Horror Comic Publisher as we have Mississippi Zombie in association with Caliber Comics and Horror Comics through Antarctic Press we felt it was necessary to open our vision and expand into Science Fiction/Fantasy as well as Superheroes. Hip, edgy horror. The novels and novellas set in our Arkham Horror Files universe lead you far from the sheltered shores of ignorance and into the murky unknown. We are not currently accepting short stories, novellas, or short story collections. Subterranean Press creates readable art, publishing luxurious specialty, limited editions and groundbreaking original works in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genre. Jun 04, 2015 · Buried Hatchet Publishing is a brand new horror fiction publishing house. Nov 12, 2020 · With this list of indie press publishers, we offer resources for finding debut authors, ground breaking genre benders, and treasure troves of stories. Submission Guidelines: Starward Shadows Quarterly is an online dark speculative fiction magazine seeking stories between 500 and 6,000 words. If you’ve written a good horror novel and you want to get your book traditionally published, you’ll need a great literary agent to represent you, help you hone your writing craft, and sell your book to a major publisher. The following is a list of small press publishers of anthologies, novels, novellas, collections, chapbooks, and comic books. Posted on November 10, 2021 (November 10, 2021) by Emily Hughes. Cassandra Khaw’s The Salt Grows Heavy – a sharp, hungry mermaid tale full of creeping dread and delicious gore – will be published by Nightfire in May 2023! […] Read More…. A comprehensive directory of literary agents seeking horror submissions in 2021A comprehensive directory of literary agents seeking horror submissions in 2021, vetted by the team at Reedsy. They publish genre fiction including horror fiction and require that submissions include QUILTBAG+ content. The magazine brings a fresh perspective to subjects old and new, foreign and domestic - from ancient folklore and Gothic classics to contemporary film releases and modern literary gems. net is the most visited literary horror site on the net. They accept “all types of horror and dark fantasy” and pay 6 cents per word for original fiction (or 1 cent a word for reprints), up to 7,500 words. Inclusion policy: We welcome submissions regardless of author's publication history, status, race, creed, gender, sexual preferences, political views or any other identity factor. If you write non-fiction, young adult, children's, sci-fi or erotica we are not the best publisher for you. Jan 04, 2021 · The Werewolf of Paris, Guy Endore (Nov 15): The classic werewolf novel – now back in print for the first time in over forty years – helped define a genre and set a new standard in horror fiction. com. SCIENCE FICTION. Jan 04, 2019 · Science Fiction and Horror Publishers. Very interesting interviews with Richard Chizmar (Chasing the Boogeyman), Ellen Datlow (When Things Get Dark: Stories Inspired by Shirley Jackson), and Victor Lavalle (The Changeling, The Ballad of Black Tom). We publish primarily speculative fiction in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Oct 28, 2020 · The Sirens Call. Founded by writers, Hex values both the author and the reader, with an emphasis on quality, diversity, and voices often overlooked by the mainstream. Other non-fiction categories are also of interest to Nov 01, 2021 · Horror Resources (Updated 10. They publish 6 times per year in print and ebook formats. With a strong interdisciplinary focus, the journal seeks to publish high-quality articles and reviews on topics relevant to the study of horror across a range of disciplines. US. HellBound Books Publishing is excited to announce that it’s now accepting submissions for Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers, Vol. Speculative and fantasy are listed as bonuses if the publisher also mentioned that they released work in those genres as well. All That Is Solid. Flame Tree 451, SF, Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Crime and Mystery. R. Black Static: Horror Fiction. Fiction. MIDDLE Jun 20, 2017 · Seventh Street Books— where fiction is a crime —is devoted to publishing quality mystery, thriller, and crime fiction. Work will be accepted according to our publishing needs. 05/word for 2000-6000 word stories, or non-fiction up to 3000 words. TTA Press - Publishers of Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave and more. Sci-Fi & Scary is a book and film review site that concentrate primarily on the science fiction and horror genres. Nonexclusive rights & stories may be previously published as long as the publisher does not own exclusive rights. Arkham Horror Fiction. horror fiction publishers

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